October Report Monthly Report

At Calvary Temple Youth we find it a privilege to spend time with your students and create life-changing friendships!

Our Jr. High ministry is called GAP, because God Answers Prayer. Sometimes we can feel helpfless and unsure of what to do, but God is always there to listen to us in prayer.

Our Sr. High ministry is called FOCUS because we believe that this is a time in your life to begin to FOCUS on things that really matter to who you are and what you're all about, and we believe it's a great time to focus on God.

We love that we get to see many of the students weekly, and over the years get to watch them grow into strong followers of Christ leading others. Wednesday nights are important parts of our ministry, however we also have additional events that we put on or attend which end up being wonderful events.

We know the busy schedule of teenagers and don’t want to put any pressure on the students, but know that these can be very important times for students to bond with other students, their leaders, and see a life with Christ being lived out daily. Us as a Calvary Temple Youth leadership team also understand that ever student cannot attend every event but thought an overview of the events may be helpful for planning through this 2019/2020 school year.


These are all tentative dates and estimated prices.


Fall Retreat                                          November 1st-3rd                                             $140

Youth Quake (Focus only)                    February 14th-16th                                          $219

The Gathering                                      March or April                                                  $125

Gap Camping Trip                                 July or August                                                  $250

Focus Trip                                            July or August                                                  $200

Sleepovers                                           Spring Break                             Free/10$ (for boys)



Something we also try to do weekly is offer the students an opportunity to give money as we collect money as a group for a child who resides in an orphanage we have visited previously with the youth group.


If there is ever any difficulty with meeting the amount required for these trips, please feel welcome to discuss with Pastor Nikki some options.


Please feel free to contact Pastor Nikki

by phone 204-728-8500 or email nragush@ctbrandon.com


Can’wait for a wonderful year with your student!


Pastor Nikki & the CT Youth leaders