G.A.P. is short for God Answers Prayer. GAP meets every Wednesday from 6:30 pm-8:30pm in the lower level (enter through south side door) from September through June each year. Nights consist of games, videos, music, small groups, food, and of course lots of laughs. We have been blessed with amazing youth leaders who desire to invest in the lives of young people. Our desire in this ministry is to bring youth closer to God and build lasting friendships with one another, we do this through our small group portion of the night. Our GAP kids also have the chance to worship with, and get to know our high school students during our MERGE portion of the night, where the two groups are together in the sanctuary. There are many activities that happen outside of this night too including, Retreats, Camping Trips, Conventions, and Day Trips.

We are convinced that the Bible, heaven and hell are all true, God loves us and we can really have God in our lives, we can know for sure that we are ready to meet God when we die.

Our pledge to you is to be honest with you about what the Bible tells us, to always allow you to make your own choices about God, to be here for you when you go through great times and tough situations, and to help you find answers to some of the tough questions in life.

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact Pastor Nikki through email, phone, or send a message through the website.