Focus is for our Sr. High students and it meets every Wednesday from 7:30-9:30 in the sanctuary of the church from September through June each year. We understand that during this period of young people’s lives they are continuing to ask questions of identity, and searching for where they fit in. The youth leaders that we have been blessed with in this ministry show their continual compassion for people and passion for God. We seek each night to help the teens work through these questions and find their purpose and meaning in God. Focus begins with the MERGE portion of the night, where they are able to interact and worship with our younger GAP students. Focus also has many activities that they partake in, which include Retreats, Camping Trips, Conventions, Mission Trips, etc.

We believe that God has a great plan for each one of your lives, and He desires for each of us to walk this path with one another. We believe that God has given us the Bible to use daily in our lives, that it is authoritative, and that we daily have the Holy Spirit living inside each of us. It is important for us not to lose FOCUS as we continue to follow God’s will throughout our lives. We must, Focus on the finish (Phil. 3:15), Observe others around us (Phil 3:17), Consider the outcome of unfocused people (Phil 3:18-19), Understand the bigger picture (Phil 3:20-21), Stay on track (Phil 4:1).

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact Pastor Nikki through email, phone, or send a message through the website.